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Cemaes - SH 3734 9309

Cemaes brickworks, or Afon Wygyr brickworks, is known to have been open from 1907 to 1914 but a smaller brickworks is shown on the 1899 OS map with the tramway running down to the harbour and the brickworks still appears on the 1922 map. The Hoffman kiln certainly dates from 1907 as the date is on the 92 foot chimney stack. The kiln had the capacity to produce 50,000 bricks per week, but probably seldom reached. The brickworks site was partially restored by Anglesey County Council in 1998. The chimney is clearly visible from the A5025 just east of Cemaes Bay and a path leads down to the works. The 2' gauge tramway was built from the harbour to the works to bring in coal and take out the finished bricks. Much of it was made into a footpath in 1976 and about 50yds of track can still be seen here. The tramway was man or horse powered and in 1926 had 7 coal trucks and 6 brick trucks.

Holyhead - SH 2265 8325

The Breakwater Quarries opened in c1860 and William Wild and Sons opened a silica brickworks in 1901. The quarry ceased working in 1974 and the buildings are derelict but the area is now a country park and open to visitors.

Porth Wen - SH 4020 9460

This very well-known and quite remarkable survivor began life some time before the 1880s as it's on the 1888 OS map as 'Porth Wen Silica Brick Works' but shown as 'disused' by the 1889 revision, published in 1901. By 1906 it was owned by a German named Stiebel who seems to have expanded it and by 1908 Charles Tidy was the owner trading as the 'Tidy Brick and Tile Co'. All goods inward and outward had to be by sea from the works quay, which was quite difficult to navigate. Unfortunately the quality of the bricks seems to have gone downhill and, coupled with the poor transport links, the works closed just before WW1 and any decent machinery was later tranferred to a brickworks near Caernarvon.


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Caernarvon, Parkia - SH 4978 6558

Parkia (or Parciau) brickworks was built before 1888 and the Parkia Brickfields of Carnarvon Ltd was liquidated on 5 May 1896. The New Parkia Brick Co Ltd was formed in 1908 but it too went into receivership, in 1930. The works were sold and the company liquidated in 1934. It passed to John Summers of Shotton and was shown as 'disused' in 1948 with a concrete works next door.

Caernarvon, Peblig - SH 4910 6200

The brickworks at Peblig Bridge, opened in the 19th century, was latterly closely connected with the Seiont brickworks. In various trade directories it is recorded as being owned by John Jones in 1874, Thomas Hughes & Co in 1880, Oldfield & Co in 1889 to 1903 and the 'Arvon Brick & Tile Co Ltd' of the 'Peblic brickworks' until 1915 when they were dissolved. There is also a 'Peblig and Seiont Brick Co' recorded as brickmakers in 1895. The Peblig Briickworks also passed to John Summers of Shotton, trading as the 'Castle Brick Co'. It appears to have closed around 1947.

Caernarvon, Seiont - SH 4890 6130

A long-established brickworks opened in c1850 but marked 'disused' in 1889. During it's existence it was owned by William Hayward in 1874 andin 1931 by John Summers of Shotton, trading as the 'Castle Brick Co'. By 1972 it was part of the Butterley group, then Hanson group and moved to the other side of the river, finally closed in 2008.

Caernarvon, Slate Quay - SH

Thomas Owen in the 1870s and the 'Caernarvon Brick Works Co' from 1917 to 1936 are recorded as being brickmakers at the Slate Quay. There's no sign of a brickworks there though.

Llandudno - SH 7799 8120

A brickworks is shown opposite the fever Hospital in 1898/99 but the area is 'old claypits' by 1911

Llandudno - SH 7853 8125

This brickworks opposite the gasworks is on the maps for 1875 and 1898 but is a vacant site in 1911.

Llandudno, Penrhyn Bay - SH 8232 8167

Not on the 1898 map but shown as 'disused' in 1911

Llandudno Junction 1 - SH 7965 7795

The first brickworks at Llandudno Junction was working from before 1875 to at least 1898 but the site was vacant in 1911 and subsequently built over. A 'Conway and District Brick Manufacturing Co Ltd' was struck off the register in 1895 which may or may not be connected.

Llandudno Junction 2 - SH 7965 7795

Junction Brickworks was the second brickworks at Llandudno Junction and appears to be well-established by 1898. It was the longest-lasting of the junction brickworks, not closing until 1958 when the claypits were exhausted. The chimneys were demolished in the 1970s and the site is now a small industrial estate.

Llandudno Junction 3 - SH 7965 7795

The third brickworks at Llandudno Junction was next door to the Junction Brickworks and only appears on the 1911 map. it had a tramway running down to the estuary but the site was rough ground in 1938.

Morfa Cwta, Llanfaglan, near Caernarvon - SH 4600 5980

The Llwyn-yn Brick Works was in operation on the 1888 and 1898 maps but only shown as a claypit in 1913.

Morfa Nefyn - SH 2818 4072

The brickworks here was open from c1865 to closure in 1906, its products were transported by sea from the nearby jetty.

Penmaenmawr - SH 704760

The 'Penmaenmawr and Welsh Granite Co' made bricks from granite waste at least from 1937 to 1952. I've not been able to locate the site of the brickworks yet, Penmaenmawr quarries were a large and complex area.

Porth Neigwl, Abersoch - SH 2584 2821

A very remote brickworks operating around between 1890 and 1900 when it was marked 'disused', desperately looking for a partner in 1897.

Pwllheli - SH 3654 3657

'Hunter Howell' operated a brickworks 'somewhere' near Pwllheli. A brickworks is shown near Bryn Hynnog from 1899 to 1938 which may well be it. There is also a clay pit shown in 1900 at SH 3650 3415 but no sign of any buildings.


Denbighshire was a huge brick producer centred on Ruabon and Wrexham, featuring such famous names as 'Dennis' and 'JC Edwards'. A suberb book entitled 'Life in the Victorian brickworks of Flintshire and Denbighshire', written by Andrew Connolly, has a vast amount of information on the bricks and brickworks of these counties along with chapters on the brickmaking process itself. There are nearly 300 large pages of text, photos and maps and it is available from the publishers for just £6.00 :- Carreg Gwalch
The numbers in brackets are cross-references to those used by Andrew in his book.

Rhyl and Prestatyn

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Having seen a brick with 'W M Rhyl' imprinted and wondering where was a brickworks in Rhyl, I find four in close proximity. I haven't traced the 'W M Rhyl' yet, though.

Cefndy - SJ 0127 8054

Cefndy isn't shown in 1877 but on the go before 1898 when an 'old brickworks' is also shown next to the railway station less then half a mile away. They were in receivership c1897 but back in business by 1900. By 1910 it has been joined by a third brickworks just across the road but that works isn't seen again. The brickworks is shown as 'disused' in 1948.

Ty'n Rhyl - SJ 0174 8093

An old brick kiln is shown here in 1871 but vanished by 1898.

Ty Newydd - SJ 0216 8156

The Tynewydd Brick Works Co Ltd was established after 1871 and was involved in a rates appeal in 1899. it isn't shown on the 1938 map.

Meliden, Prestatyn - SJ 0568 8176

Prestatyn Brickworks or Meliden Brickworks was working by 1898 but is shown as 'disused' by 1938.

Acrefair and Cefn-mawr (South of Ruabon)

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Cambrian Brickworks, Acrefair (115) - SJ 2767 4328

T W Cowan founded the Trefynant Colliery & Fireclay Works in 1865, passing it to Hall & Jackson in 1874 as the Cambrian Sanitary Pipe & Terracotta Co which failed in 1875 and the assets were auctioned off in 1876. It doesn't appear on any OS map of the time.

Delph Brick and Fireclay Works, Acrefair (118) - SJ 2801 4359

T H Seacome and Wyndham & Phillips
Thomas Seacombe founded the brickworks at Delph Quarry in 1868 and purchased by Henry Wyndham in 1883, joined in 1902 by the manager, R T Phillips, becoming Wyndham and Phillips in 1906. The brickworks closed in 1958, to be used to make concrete blocks and tipping, finally opencast mining which destroyed the site.

James Davies brickyard, Cefn-mawr (122) - SJ 2780 4224

Dolydd Road brickworks, Cefn-mawr (121) - SJ 2776 4201

Edward Evans and Evan Roberts brickyard, Cefn-mawr (125A, 125B) - SJ 2715 4305, SJ 2710 4310

Garth Brickworks, Cefn-mawr (124) - SJ 2651 4254

Roberts & Maginnis from c1885

Ben Hughes brickyard, Cefn-mawr (123) - SJ 2785 4273

Plas Isa Coal, iron & Brick Works, Acrefair (116) - SJ 2805 4442

Trefynant, Cefn-mawr (126) - SJ 270426

J C Edwards main brickworks

Penbedw Brickworks, Acrefair (114) - SJ 2742 4391

H R Bowers owned Penbedw Brickworks, shown as a brickyard in 1843 and well-known as a producer of quality bricks by 1854, having 11 kilns in 1879. The works went into liquidation in 1912 and remained derelict for years until destroyed by opencast clay mining in the 1970s.

Penybont Brickworks, Cefn-mawr (128) - SJ 2924 4155

Another of J C Edwards brickworks

Plaskynaston Brickworks, Cefn-mawr (120) - SJ 2767 4239

Plas Ucha Brickworks, Acrefair (117) - SJ 2828 4386

Plas Ucha Brickworks is mentioned in 1878 as owned by Messrs Smith and Thomas, probably having opened c1876 on the site of Plasucha Colliery. The works was auctioned off in 1879, passing to Messrs Colman and Boustead, but closed before 1900.

Plas Yn Wern Brickworks, Acrefair (119) - SJ 2820 4310

Newbridge brickworks, Cefn-mawr (127) - SJ 2878 4171

Shown on the 1839 Tithe Map as occupied by John Thomas, who was advertising his business to let in 1852.

Brymbo and Coedpoeth (West of Wrexham)

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Brymbo Brick, Tile & Pot Works, Brymbo (73) - SJ 2975 5391

Brynmally Colliery, Brymbo (69) - SJ 3045 5440

Caello Brickworks, Brymbo (72) - SJ 2870 5424

Coedpoeth Brick and Tile Works, Coedpoeth (81) - SJ 2863 5137

Coedpoeth brickyard, Coedpoeth (82) - SJ 2835 5115

Ffos-y-Go Brickworks, Brymbo (70) - SJ 3068 5455

Ffrith Fireclay Co, Brymbo (71) - SJ 2868 5462

Ffrwd Iron, Coal and Brickworks, Brymbo (68) - SJ 3048 5526

Pentre Saeson Colliery & Brickworks, Brymbo (74) - SJ 2784 5340

Vron Colliery and Brickworks, Coedpoeth (80) - SJ 2904 5220

Gresford (North of Wrexham)

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Gresford Brickworks, Gresford, Wrexham (79) - SJ 3540 5425

An early brickworks shown on the 1843 Tithe map and was closed soon after 1881.

Wilderness Brickworks, Gresford, Wrexham (78) - SJ 3344 5339

Clark and Rea Ltd was created in 1888 and by 1900 had 8 round kilns for red bricks and 7 square kilns for blue bricks. The clay was found to be of poor quality in later years and the works ran at a loss, closing in 1924.

Rhosllanerchrugog ( or simply Rhos - South-West of Wrexham )

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Coppy brickworks, Rhos (103) - SJ 2876 4674

Hafod Colliery and Brickworks (107) - SJ 3115 4625

'Dennis Ruabon' is probably the most well-known name associated with this large brickworks, the 'Red Works'.

Llwyneinion, Rhos (100, 101, 102) - SJ 286 474 to SJ 288 477

There were three adjacent brickworks in Llwyneinion, the oldest (100) at SJ 2869 4743 being 'old' in 1873 and possibly the Rhos Hall Iron Co, liquidated in 1869. The second works was the Llwyneinion Pipe, Tile and Fireclay Co (101) at SJ 2878 4778, probably in business by 1852 but closed c1880. The most recent brickworks is Powell Bros (102) at SJ 2885 4751, who expanded the kilns shown on the 1873 map to a sizeable brickworks. In 1924 it became the Llwyneinion Shale Brick Co. it became the property of the Hartleys in 1927, who also owned the Ruby brickworks and the Hoole Bank, Chester brickworks, finally closing in 1957.

Pant brickworks, Rhos (106) - SJ 2864 4588

The largest of the Rhos brickworks, it was originally a colliery and ironworks until it became the 'North Wales Coal & Fireclay Co' around 1860, later the 'Pant Coal, Brick & Fireclay Co'. It was taken over by the industrialist Henry Dennis in 1866 and produced glazed firebricks, under the 'Ruabon Glazed Brick and Fireclay Co', becoming one of Britain's most important producers. The 'Gwersyllt Silica Brick Co' bought the works in 1921 after glazed bricks went out of fashion and closure finally came in 1971.

Ponkey brickworks, Rhos (105) - SJ 2985 4652

Rhos brickworks (Kay Hirst Ltd), Rhos (104) - SJ 2891 4652

Ruabon (South of Wrexham)

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Brandy Pits, Ruabon (108) - SJ 2974 4568

Monk & Newall, Ruabon (111) - SJ 3040 4463

Monk and Newell opened their brickworks in 1883, being sold in 1919 to T D Stubbs of the Caernarvon brickworks. He traded as the 'North Wales Brick & Tile Co' using the trade name 'Rubric'. He was in financial trouble by 1929 and the works closed in 1930 but still standing in 1939, the clayhole now being an angling centre.

Offa Cottages brickworks, Ruabon (113) - SJ 2980 4443

A tiny brickfield in amongst the giants, believed to be working c1885 and possibly also c1930.

Ruabon Brick and Terra Cotta Co (110)

Frank Lawson says :- "In July 1937 the Ravenhead Brick Co Ltd took the Ruabon Brick & Terra Cotta Co Ltd to the High Court of Justice, Chancery Division to challenge their use of the trade mark "Sandrus" as the trade mark "Rus" was already being used by the Ravenhead Company. The Ravenhead Company were successful in their challenge and so I suspect that the Ruabon Company changed the name of their product to "Sandrust" in order to solve their problem."

Tatham brickworks, Ruabon (112) - SJ 3019 4455

This brickworks is believed to have been established by 1862 by Daniel Owen becoming H R Bowers property in 1868. At some time it became part of the Ruabon brick & Tile Co. It appears to have closed in WW2 and the chimney was felled in 1961.

Vauxhall Colliery, Ruabon (109) - SJ 3050 4534

Wrexham and Gwersyllt

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Abenbury Brickworks, Wrexham (92) - SJ 2584 2821

Bersham Colliery, Wrexham (99) - SJ 3149 4830

Richard Birchs brickyard, Wrexham (95) - SJ 3375 4655

Clays Brickyard, Gwersyllt, Wrexham (93) - SJ 3713 5137

Shown on the c1840 Tithe Map only.

Gwersyllt Silica Brickworks, Gwersyllt, Wrexham (77) - SJ 3210 5295

Llay Hall, Gwersyllt, Wrexham (75) - SJ 3172 5509

Marchweil brickyard, Wrexham (94) - SJ 3599 4750

George Mercers Colliery brickyard, Wrexham (84) - SJ 3288 5207

Thomas Mercers brickyard, Wrexham (86) - SJ 3285 5196

Moreton brickyard, Wrexham (96) - SJ 3225 4550

Old Hall brickyard, Wrexham (97) - SJ 3392 4300

Rhosddu brickworks, Wrexham (87) - SJ 3344 5149

John Roberts brickfield, Wrexham (90) - SJ 3240 4956

Shown on the c1840 Tithe Map only.

William Rowes brickworks, Wrexham (89) - SJ 3218 4959

Ruabon Road brickworks, Wrexham (88, 88A) - SJ 3293 4949

Owned by E M Jones and later by the 'Wrexham Brick & Tile Co'. Also in the area was a brickworks owned by Edward Bramley, the location and details of which are not known.

Stansty brickyard, Wrexham (83) - SJ 3264 5244

Westminster Colliery and Brickworks, Gwersyllt, Wrexham (76) - SJ 3096 5360

Wynnstay Estate brickyard, Wrexham (98) - SJ 3195 4315

Wrexham Brick & Tile Co, Wrexham (91) - SJ 3486 4930

Wrexham Colliery, Wrexham (85) - SJ 3286 5224


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Buckley was the centre of Flint's brick industry with around 25 brickworks and home to some very well-known Welsh brands. A superb book entitled 'Life in the Victorian brickworks of Flintshire and Denbighshire', written by Andrew Connolly, has a vast amount of information on the bricks and brickworks of these counties along with chapters on the brickmaking process itself. There are nearly 300 large pages of text, photos and maps and it is available from the publishers for just £6.00 :- Carreg Gwalch
The numbers in brackets in the listings are cross-references to those used by Andrew in his book.


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R Ashton & Co, Knowle Lane brickworks, Buckley (45)

R Ashton & Co were an old-established brickworks, working from c1790 to 1902.

Aston Hall Coal and Brick Co, Buckley (33) - SJ 2940 6605

A combined colliery and brickworks operation dating from the 1860s and lasting through the usual financial crises until 1913. Their trademark was 'Premier' and imprint 'Aston Flintshire'.

Belmont brickworks, Buckley (40) - SJ 2797 6478

Brookhall brickworks, Buckley (34) - SJ 2795 6561

Buckley Brick & Tile Co. Ltd was active from 1865 to 1963. Their trademarks were 'Gibsonite', 'Metalline', 'Salamdine', 'FW' and 'BBB'. Bricks imprinted 'Brick & Tile' may well be from the Buckley Brick & Tile Co. However the phrase 'via Chester' was also used by the South Buckley Co.

Buckley Junction Metallic Brick Co Ltd, Buckley Junction brickworks, Buckley (52)

Buckley Junction brickworks was established in 1911 and closed in 1959 after being taken over by the Castle Firebrick Co in 1956. Their trademarks were 'Jacobean' and 'City'.

Castle Brick Co, Buckley (29) - SJ 2749 6682

The Castle Brick Co opened in 1866, becoming the Castle Firebrick and Coal Co in 1875. It eventually became part of John Summers Ltd of Shotton steelworks and closed in 1970. They used a logo of a castle as their trademark.

Castle New Works, Elm Colliery, Buckley (30) - SJ 2720 6640

Catherall & Co, Buckley (35) and (39)

Jonathan Catherall set up an early brickworks in Buckley but closed towards the end of the 19th century.

Charles Davison & Co Ltd, Buckley (32) (38)

Charles Davison & Co Ltd were one of the biggest brick manufacturers in Wales with their 'Adamantine'.'Obsidian' and Hysilyn' brands. 'Adamantine' possibly holds the record for imprinting no less than 77 letters on one brick! They specialised in refractory and acid resistant bricks at their Ewloe Barn Brick and Tile Works and Old Ewloe works, active from 1933 to 1951 The company merged with General Refractories Ltd, and then taken over by the firm of G. R. Stein Ltd. The site closed in 1967.

Drury & Co, Sandycroft Brickworks, Buckley (43)

Sandycroft Colliery and Brickworks was working in c1860 under a number of owners until closure in the 1960s.

Etna Brick & Tile Co, Buckley (37) - SJ 2863 6529

The Etna brickworks was owned by George Watkinson and Sons who owned a number of collieries and brickworks in the area in the 19th and 20th centuries. Brickfields are shown on the 1839 Tithe maps which became a recognisable brickworks by 1854 as the 'Ewloe Brick & Tile Works'. The works are shown as 'disused' in 1948 but survived in a ruinous state until 1976 but was cleared in 1979 and the claypit filled.

The Globe Fire Clay Works, Buckley (36) - SJ 2865 6530

The Globe Fire Clay Works, trademark 'Fort', on the other side of the railway line from Etna Brickworks, trademark 'Fort', was working from 1878 to 1912, when the claypit was becoming exhausted. It's still shown on teh 1938 map but as 'disused'. The site had been cleared by 1948 but the claypit still survives.

Charles Jones brickworks, Sandicroft, Buckley (42) - SJ 2895 6472

Lane End brickworks, Buckley (48) - SJ 2879 6394

Hancock and Co opened the Lane End brickworks in 1792. It became part of the Castle Firebrick Co in 1956, then Butterley and Hanson until closing as late as 2004, the last brickworks in Buckley.

John Lewis brickworks, Buckley (46) - SJ 2820 6442

Mount Pleasant brickworks, Buckley (44) - SJ 2877 6456

The 1839 Tithe map shows a 'brickground' here occupied by H L Rigby, a partner of W Hancock of the Lane End brickworks, who seems to have been very involved with it. It was shown as 'old brickworks' in a 1912 rates book. It closed in 1931 and the chimney demolished in 1938.

New Mount brickworks, Buckley (47) - SJ 2881 6437

New Mount brickworks was opened by Hancock and Co in 1865 and almost immediately closed. It re-opened in the 1890s but is shown as 'disused' on the 1900 and 1912 OS maps.The chimney was demolished in 1941.

Padeswood Hall Colliery and brickworks, Buckley (53) - SJ 2926 6244

E Parry & Sons Ltd, Ewloe Wood brickworks, Buckley (31)

Parry's used the trademark 'Dragon' and operated from 1860 until the late 1960s. They were acquired by the Castle firebrick Co in 1944.

Pentrobin Colliery, Buckley (49) - SJ 2902 6398

South Buckley Colliery and Brickworks, Buckley (50) - SJ 2738 6441

Beginning business as the 'North & South Buckley Colliery, Brick & Tile Co', becoming the 'Rock Brick Co' at some time.

Spon Green Colliery, Buckley (51) - SJ 2882 6360

Standard Buff & Glazed Brick Co, Mount Pleasant, Buckley (41)

An offshoot of the Mount Pleasant Colliery by John Bates Gregory, opened in 1886, it became a pipe works in the 1940s and closed in 1969. Bricks were imprinted 'JBG & Co' or 'Standard Buckley'.

Mold (West of Buckley)

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Alltami Kiln, Mold (22) - SJ 2674 6549

Broncoed Colliery, Mold (26) - SJ 2390 6225

Cambrian Brickworks, Gwernymynydd, Mold (28) - SJ 2123 6239

Mold Argoed Colliery, Mold (23) - SJ 2471 6403

New Brighton brickfield, Mold (21) - SJ 2540 6537

New Brighton Colliery, Mold (20) - SJ 2526 6568

Oak Pits Colliery, Mold (25) - SJ 2395 6262

Old Fferme Colliery, Mold (19) - SJ 2507 6583

Ruby brickworks, Rhydymwyn, Mold (27) - SJ 2051 6773

Coal and clay were mined here from 1867 but the clay was just stockpiled so, in 1892, the 'North Wales Brick and Tile Co Ltd' opened a brickworks. It became the 'Ruby Brick and Tile Co Ltd' in 1898 and continued in production until 1965, even though the 1948 map shows it as 'disused'. The works lay derelict until 2003 when demolition began. Luckily Paul Dobson recorded the site before it disappeared.

Tydden Tilery and Colomendy brickworks, Mold (24) - SJ 2523 6307

Northern Flint

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Mostyn brickworks, Mostyn - SJ 1710 7940

This brickworks was advertising its wares in 1905 and is first shown on the 1912 OS map. It's on the 1949 map but had gone by 1963.

Bath Colliery, Flint (2) - SJ 2475 7288

Flint Brick and Tile Co, Flint (3, 4) - SJ 2403 7276

Jacob Davies brickworks, Flint (6) - SJ 2438 7274

Pentre brickyard, Flint (1) - SJ 2509 7275

Un-named brickkiln, Flint (5) - SJ 2416 7248

Prince's Brickworks, Connahs Quay (10) - SJ 2935 6926

Andrew Reney, Connahs Quay (7) - SJ 2936 6963

Thomas Reney, Connahs Quay (8) - SJ 2930 6955

John Williams, Connahs Quay (9) - SJ 2926 6968

Rowley's Brickworks, Shotton (12) - SJ 3065 6832

Wepre Hall, Shotton (11) - SJ 3036 6837

Aston Brickworks, Queensferry (15) - SJ 3150 6720

Eleanor Colliery, Queensferry (13) - SJ 3110 6847

Great Mancot Main Collery, Queensferry (16) - SJ 3195 6725

Mancot Bank Collery, Queensferry (17) - SJ 3204 6642

Queensferry Colliery, Queensferry (14) - SJ 3175 6773

Rake Collery, Queensferry (18) - SJ 3325 6565

The 1840s tithe map also shows an older 'brickfield' at SJ 3340 6580.

South-Western Flint

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Alyn Brick Tile & Terra Cotta Co, Coed Talon (62) - SJ 2672 5868

Originally the 'Gem Brick Tile & Terra Cotta Co', registered in 1896, until taken over by the Alyn Brick Tile & Terra Cotta Co in 1901 but still using then 'Gem' trade mark.

Caer Estyn brickworks, Hope (58) - SJ 3211 5762

Caer Estyn brickworks (R Williams), Hope (59) - SJ 3187 5751

Erith brickworks, Pontybodkin (61) - SJ 2700 5942

Golley (or Golly) brickworks, Hope, (Actually in Denbighshire) (67) - SJ 3360 5842

Higher Kinnerton Brick and Tile Co, Hope (54) - SJ 3120 6245

Hope Hall Estate, Hope (57) - SJ 3155 5842

Hope Tilery, Hope (56) - SJ 3124 5934

Nercwys Cambrian Fireclay Works, Hope (60) - SJ 2271 6164

Penyffordd brickyard, Hope (55) - SJ 3075 6159

Plas Yn Mhocwys brickworks, Coed Talon (63) - SJ 2635 5965

Pontybodkin brickworks, Leeswood Green Colliery (64) - SJ 2675 5939

Llanfynydd brickworks (65) - Uncertain location

The Ford Artificial Stone Works, Ffrith (66) - SJ 2810 5614

Not a clay brickworks as such but the only artificial stone works in Flintshire

Unknown Brickworks

'Flintic' bricks

Bricks marked 'Flintic' are to be found in the area and I assume that 'Flintic' is a trademark that relates to Flintshire. If you know anything more, please let me know too.

Acknowledgments, sources and further reading.

A great many people have supplied information and photos to add to the story, so many thanks to (alphabetically) Graham Bennett, Mike Bennett, John Bromley, Ian Cooke, Gary Davies, Steve Davies, Paul Dobson, Russ Firth, Martyn Fretwell, Ken Griffths, Andrew Harvard, Tracey Hucker, Glen Johnson, Kes Jones, Mike Kilner, David Kitching, Frank Lawson, Henry Lisowski, Norman Lowe, Steve Milner, Frank Moore, Stephen Parry, Richard Paterson, Ian Pickford, Glyn Roberts, Dave Sallery, Lawrence Skuse, Jason Stott, Ian Suddaby, Templeton Heritage Group, Gareth Thomas, David Wood, D Wright amonst many others.

A suberb book entitled 'Life in the Victorian brickworks of Flintshire and Denbighshire', written by Andrew Connolly, has a vast amount of information on the bricks and brickworks along with chapters on the brickmaking process itself. There are nearly 300 large pages of text, photos and maps and it is available from the publishers for just £6.00 :- Carreg Gwalch

Messrs Sallery and Kitchings 'Old Bricks' website is the best source of info on bricks and brickworks in the UK :- Old Bricks - history at your feet. Denbighshire and Flintshire are extremely well covered by individual pages on 'Old Bricks', which are linked below.

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Martyn Feltwell has two very good sites here :- East Midlands Named Bricks and UK Named Bricks
There is a specialist society for brick history :-

There's also a 'Facebook' group for bricks and brickworks :- Facebook 'Bricks and Brickworks past' group

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