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Brockham Narrow-gauge Railway Museum

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The Original Location at Brockham

The original home of the narrow gauge industrial railway museum was created in the limeworks of Brockham Quarry, Surrey, primarily as a home for 'Townsend Hook' from the next-door quarry at Betchworth. Sadly access was very difficult, up an unmade road with a manual level crossing over the Guildford - Redhill line.

Planning permission for public openings was not forthcoming and the site became unviable. Despite that, The 'Doctor Who' team filmed 'The Deadly Assassin' episode featuring Tom Baker at the site. The collection of locos, wagons and other relic were integrated with the Amberley Chalk Pits Museum in Sussex. Their station 'Brockham' reminds us of our early efforts.






Merton Steam Fair, 1974

Gordon Edgar's photos from 1968 to 1971

Gordon has fond memories of Brockham and says "It was a great pity that the Brockham Museum had to close after all the hard work many people had put in over the years, but it was fun while it lasted. I made some good friends at the time but have long lost contact with them. I would imagine there are a few that volunteer at Amberley now, but the majority, like myself, I assume got dragged away due to work and family commitments and relocations.

Tony Deller and Roger Thornton were the main guys leading the working parties when I was there and Adrian Skilton, Dave Bilmore and a few others whose names evade me now became good buddies and even went to North Wales to Dinorwic to retrieve equipment for the museum. I remember sponsoring the purchase of a loco snowplough from Dinorwic for which I donated £5, a fair amount then, in fact the equivalent of purchasing a class 76 loco worksplate from Collector's Corner then to put things into perspective!"

Gordon has hundreds more transport and industry photos on his very comprehensive

Articles and Photos on the Museum

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'Brockham News'

I'm clearing out a lot of old paperwork and found these extracts I'd saved from the 'Brockham News'. They're as I found them but I will try to tidy them up as time passes.

Amberley Museum

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The New Location for the Museum

Where to take my Grandson during the half-term holidays? I know! Amberley! My first visit here and happy reunions with some old friends and meeting with some interesting new ones.

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