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India's Brickworks and other Industries
Brickworks, their bricks and other industries
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The Industries of India, a great many brickworks

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The aerial ropeway in Darjeeling

The British Ropeway Engineering Co Ltd

The British Ropeway Engineering Co Ltd built this aerial ropeway in the 1930s to bring tea from the Happy Valley Tea Garden and others to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway terminus near the bazaar. Tea traffic was one of the mainstays of the DHR until freight services dwindled in the 1980s.

The 'toy' train at Ooty

Ooty Lake

The 'toy' train at Ooty runs along the side of Ooty lake

High Field Tea Factory

Swamy and Swamy Plantations Pvt. Ltd, Coonoor

A typical small tea factory near Coonoor

Other Industries

Aruvankadu cordite factory, near Coonoor

The Aruvankadu cordite factory is one of 40 Indian Ordnance Factories. It is one of the oldest Defence Factories coming under the rein of the Ministry of Defence and the Indian Ordnance Factories. The Cordite Factory was established in 1903 by the then British Government on a huge campus and it still caters to the Defence Services by manufacturing Cordite (gunpowder, as it is generally known) which is used in manufacturing arms and ammunition and also as a propellant in various armed tanks. (information from Wikipaedia)

Other Industries

Solon Brewery on the Kalka Shimla Railway, an Industrial complex between Chennai and Coimbatore and other bits and pieces.

The brickworks and bricks of Northern India

Brickworks between Amritsar and Chandigarh

The brickworks of Northern India - Dozens and dozens of small brickworks generally making bricks by hand - the imprints appear to be codes rather than names of brickworks in most cases.

Brickworks between Agra and Delhi

Brickworks between Dehli and Siliguri

Brickworks between Chennai and Coimbatore

and their bricks

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