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The Dalmatian Coast

Cheap and cheerful - two weeks early spring sunshine with bracing walks in the mountains - and a bonus of trains in Split and some industrial relics in Krka.


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Railways and Quarries

A couple of items of rolling stock preserved at the dockyard entrance next to the tunnel and the water catchment area between Catalan Bay and Sandy Bay

The 100 ton gun at Rosia Bay

Around Gibraltar

Other guns and defences around the rock

Princess Caroline's Battery

at the exit from the WW2 public tunnels

Sandy Bay

A complete concrete pillbox tossed around by the tides

The public World War 2 tunnels

Solid as The Rock

Don't you point that gun at me!


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Messina, Sicily

The terminus of the train ferry across the staits so quite a number of powerful shunters




Sorrento and Capri


The end of the Bernina Express from Chur, Switzerland

Venice and Ventemiglia

Modern Venice and ancient Ventemiglia


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The Dockside area

A few leftovers, the Deutz loco particularly, and what looks like a lead smelter flue a little way away.

The Cable Ingles

The Cable Ingles, a loading staithe for the local mines, was built in 1904 by the Alquife Mines and Railways Co. Ltd. using Scottish steel and fell into disuse in 1973. Luckily efforts have been made to preserve the structure

Almeria Station and loco yard

There is not a lot of activity in Almeiria any more, few trains and deserted loco depot, but it is still there, including traversers, a turntable, a preserved tank wagon and a collection of machinery including a small stationary steam engine. There are some good tiled walls inside the old station building, locked up and impossible to photograph.


Port Vell Aerial Tramway

The Port Vell Aerial Tramway opened in 1931 but was intended to open in time for the 1929 Barcelona International Exposition. It was built by a German company, Adolf Bleichert & Co of Leipzig.

The City Centre Power Station

These 3 brick chimneys are all that remains of an early 20th century power station built by the Barcelona Traction Power and Light Company.

Franca Station

Franca Station, RENFE, Barcelona



A stopover in Cadiz meant a quick look at Cadiz station of course.


Some interesting gun emplacements on the way in and a long -distance view of the station


Once a centre for lead-smelting, these three chimneys on the Malaga seafront are the remains of the industry.



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