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The Canary Islands


A week on Fuerteventura, not noted for it's industry but seems to have a lot of limekilns. I only came across a few so there's lots more to find next time.

Gran Canaria and La Gomera

Mostly ships but I did find a fragment of the electric tramway in Las Palmas and a windmill on La Gomera.


Not much to do in a day on Tenerife except get a day ticket for the trams....


Ajaccio Station

Another cruise, another day and the 12:10 pm arrival is still arriving but a little later and now in the hands of the new 'Panoramique' railcars.

June 2007

A cruise and a day on land in Ajaccio, just in time to see the 12:10 pm. arrival from the other end of the island. As it was running a little late, it gave me time to look at their brand-new 'Panoramique' railcar, delivered two days ago.

Mallorca (or Majorca)

The Soller Railway

from Soller town to the outskirts of Palma, as far as we could go in 2016 by coach.

Soller Railway

from Palma to Soller town, my first visit in 2003.

The Soller Tramway

Passing throught the square and streets of Soller town.

Soller town

A small factory or mill near the tramway depot

TIB, The Mallorca Railway

The new line to Manacor

Ibiza and Formentera

The saltpans on Formentera used this 750mm narrow-gauge loco, believed to have been built by Krauss.


An old well on the coast at Cala Turqueta

And a couple of very big guns at La Mola Fort, just outside Mahon

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