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Taiwan Railway Administration (TRA)

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The 2' 6" East Coast Mainline

Taiwan's East Coast mainline was isolated from the West Coast system and Taipei as it used the same 2' 6" gauge as the logging railways and tramways which provided most of its traffic. It was converted to 3' 6" gauge through the 1970s and a unified gauge around the island was completed in 1982, most of which is now also electrified.

Taiwan's Locomotives

The first and the oldest

The first locomotive in Taiwan was appropriately No 1,'Teng-Yuan', built by Hohenzollern of Germany, works no. 445 of 1887. However it isn't the oldest. That privilege belongs to No 9, built by Avonside of Bristol, works no. 835 of 1871. No 9 first worked in Japan and was sent to Taiwan a few years later.

Steam Locomotives

3' 6" is the 'standard' gauge for Taiwanese railways though the high speed lines are the normal standard gauge.

Diesel Locomotives

Diesel Railcars on the Neiwan line

Diesel Railcars on the Jingtong line

Diesel Multiple Units

Electric Locomotives and Multiple Units

Along the lines

Alishan Forest Railway

Quick links to :-     Taiwan Railway Administration     Alishan Forest Railway     Taiwan Sugar Railways
Taiwan's Collieries     Kaohsiung Trams     Other Bits and Pieces

Rolling Stock

Steam Locomotives

Diesel Locomotives

Other Vehicles

Along the line

Along the line

Landslide and typhoon damage

Landslides from major typhoons in 2009 and 2015 have split the line in two. this shows some of the damage that can be seen from Alishan Station. we were told a tunnel diverson was being built.

Alishan Log Hauler

This log hauler and its kingpost are at Zhaoping Station. I've read somewhere that it may have been made by 'Willamette' in the USA and has four cylinders rather than the usual two. Unfortunately I can't remember where I found this information.

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